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1 Play Track Prelude No. 20 in C Minor MP3
2 Play Track Per Te (For You) MP3
3 Play Track En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor MP3
4 Play Track You Are Not Alone MP3
5 Play Track Losing You MP3
6 Play Track Tango Suite MP3
7 Play Track Setembro MP3
8 Play Track Oblivion MP3
9 Play Track Sevdah MP3
10 Play Track Summertime MP3
11 Play Track Contigo En La Distancia MP3
12 Play Track Over the Rainbow MP3
13 Play Track What A Wonderful World MP3

Comments (171)

Prezado Chris; gosto muito de sua música; faz-me relaxar, ir p/ uma outra dimensão.Felicidades sempre,querido. Abç.

Eliabete Mello

I've been fortunate to see him 3 times and each time the show if different enough that you feel like you've never seen him before .. awesome! The new album is good, but Chris: HOW ABOUT A DUET ALBUM WITH YOU AND PAULA COLE??? Every tune they have done has been awesome

I just know you last year and really like you to come to Japan!
I really like your beautiful tune!!

and I like your playing way! So cool.

Hideko from Japan

Went to his concert in Bangkok Thailand, it was my first time, and it was amazing..Love you Chis!

Having heard Chris Botti in Lancaster, CA several years ago, it was refreshing to hear his brief appearance on Rod Stewart's Christmas show. Wish he had played more. He continues to produce perfection and an amazing range. God Bless you Chris and have a great Christmas and New Year.

Gayle Smith, cellist
Chatsworth, CA

One of the most beautiful performance for me is "Cinema paradiso" by Ennio Morricone where you play with Yo Yo Ma ,and of course "Emmanuel" where you play along with Lucia Micarelli
with such tenderness and passion.

Thank you for perorming with such emotion and sensibility.

Hear Chris Botti is for me a pleasant and touching routine. I feel like the first and greatest fan of Chris Botti Brazilian. I really like the album Impressions and congratulations for the tracks with the guitar sound, that it is a typical Brazilian instrument. And I had a surprise with a Brazilian music.I was imagining a mix of “Over the rainbow” with the singer Eva Cassidy and Chris Botti. This week, I am checking my trip to New York for the show in Tarrytown and then I see that it’s been rescheduled. I'll wait for the temperature rise to reschedule the trip because I live in a tropical country. Or maybe Chris Botti can plan a trip to Brazil in “Setembro”?
Até logo,

My new purcahse has just arrived and I have just played the Chris Botti CD - Impressions - OMG I have just taken the most wonderful journey whilst sitting in my office - infact I loved it so much I have just pushed the start button again.

What a sound - love it love it love it. The only problem is I have to retain myself from turning it up too loud - must be respectful of my colleages in my office (although I think it would do them all the world of good to be exposed to a Master Craftsman at work).

I will now place my order for previous CD's and can't wait to take that journey.


P.S. A tour to Australia would be most welcome (Adelaide, South Australia)


United States