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1 Play Track Prelude No. 20 in C Minor MP3
2 Play Track Per Te (For You) MP3
3 Play Track En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor MP3
4 Play Track You Are Not Alone MP3
5 Play Track Losing You MP3
6 Play Track Tango Suite MP3
7 Play Track Setembro MP3
8 Play Track Oblivion MP3
9 Play Track Sevdah MP3
10 Play Track Summertime MP3
11 Play Track Contigo En La Distancia MP3
12 Play Track Over the Rainbow MP3
13 Play Track What A Wonderful World MP3

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Nice I love it.
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Loved your recent concert in Turlock. Drove miles to be there. Hope you'll come back, Chris. We plan to keep coming back.

Thank you for your beautiful music. Every album is so wonderful. It makes me recoglize the charm of Jazz and gives me calmness in busy time. Best wishes for Mr Botti!

I bought tickets for my wife for Christmas for performance May 4 2013 @ Moran Theater Jacksonville , FL. My wife has about 6 or so of C.B.'s CDs. After about 3 numbers she requested we leave..AND I KNEW THE REASON!!..We waited 'til intermission and left.
(as did at least 5 other couples). The sound was cranked up WAY-WAY higher than necessary. We were in row H. One of the couples leaving at the same time was in the balcony. All of them were leaving for the same reason. Volume too high. We also found the sound distoted because of the volume.
I did a web search for "Chris Botti too loud" and found a review of an April 21st performance!!
SAME COMPLAINT!! Chris needs to have a decent sound check prior to performance.
The CD's are great but the in person show was a HUGE disappointment!!!!

It’s a shame to admit, but I got to know this music only a few months ago. By chance searching for something on the Internet I saw an advertisement of Chris Botti concert. I didn't know who it was but I felt he had to create something special. It was on his face, in his eyes. I started to listen his music… the first, the second… the third song … and... The morning found me on the same place.

The concert in Poznan city, in Poland (March 15, 2013) was absolutely amazing. Beautiful music! Great musician personality! Right man on the right place, was born for the stage! Fantastic band!

I was in another world during all concert but Emmanuel with Caroline Campbell moved me to the tears and reminded me what I had dreamed about and what had been the most important for me. It made me live and feel again. Now I believe all is possible and one day I will find my way and my place in the world and then my dreams will come true.

Thank you Chris for inspiration and that you woke up my soul. Thanks for being you. I am grateful I live in the same time as you and I could experience your music live and felt your incredible energy. I can hardly wait to your next concert in Poland or, if it will be possible, to come to your concert in your country… one more dream…

United States