Chris Botti "Impressions" EPK

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No other musician has moved people in a long time like Chris Botti. His professionalism and respect for music and his audiance is so refreshing. His serious attitude to the quality of his music shows in every way and we look forward here in the Cascades of Oregon to hearing the latest he has to offer in music, proformances, interviews. My musical life has been forever changed.

Chris Botti is a great musician and an amazing performer interacting with his audience in such a wonderful way! He plays his trumpet with passion and we can't help but feel moved.During his concert at the Ottawa Jazz Festival,he created an atmosphere that was outstanding.I was blown away by his talent and his music.It was heaven! Thank you, Chris,for sharing your "Impressions"of life's beautiful moments.

what a wonderful talent chris has for mixing talent,heart and deep soul for all of us,into a recipe called perfection.

It's lovely to hear the mutual respect and admiration between Chris and all the artists who performed on his Impressions album. I think it's wonderful how Chris brings out the best in other performers and vice versa. Thank you, Chris, for yet another delicious creation.