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Loved your recent concert in Turlock. Drove miles to be there. Hope you'll come back, Chris. We plan to keep coming back.

Thank you for your beautiful music. Every album is so wonderful. It makes me recoglize the charm of Jazz and gives me calmness in busy time. Best wishes for Mr Botti!

Prezado Chris; gosto muito de sua música; faz-me relaxar, ir p/ uma outra dimensão.Felicidades sempre,querido. Abç.

Eliabete Mello

I've been fortunate to see him 3 times and each time the show if different enough that you feel like you've never seen him before .. awesome! The new album is good, but Chris: HOW ABOUT A DUET ALBUM WITH YOU AND PAULA COLE??? Every tune they have done has been awesome

I just know you last year and really like you to come to Japan!
I really like your beautiful tune!!

and I like your playing way! So cool.

Hideko from Japan

Went to his concert in Bangkok Thailand, it was my first time, and it was amazing..Love you Chis!