Chris, Geoffrey Keezer, Richie Goods and Billy Kilson - Blue Note 2013

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Chris, I could feel how great is the passion that you have for your work in your interviews.
I traveled a long distance to see the show on August 2013, in Estate Island and it was SPETACULAR! The sound of your trumpet live is even more wonderful and “GLAMOUROSO”.
The event exceeded my expectations and it was so much emotion to see you so close. It was very gratifying get out from here, under the Equator's line, to see your live show.
I hope that you came to Brazil and that you be received very well by us, Brazilians.
In November, Brandford Marsalis played in Quitandinha Palace in my city Petrópolis and I was lucky enough to see the show. Who knows your show will be scheduled in Petropolis or Belo Horizonte? I'm hoping to appear on Chris Botti website the date of your coming to Brazil.
Even with delay, I wish you a great, prosperous, healthy, fantastic and happy new year!!!
"OXALÁ", one day I can watch it at the Blue Note!!!

United States