Chris Botti at his best in Impressions

 Chris Botti at his best in Impressions

SOUNDS FAMILIAR By Baby A. Gil (The Philippine Star)

I listen to Impressions by Chris Botti and I think, beautiful. That is such an overused word but there is nothing I can think of that would best describe the album. It is an incredible mixture of sounds. Heavenly. Moving. Inspiring. Romantic. It makes me want to tell everybody that this guy, whom I first encountered as a trumpet player who made it to People Magazine’s list of beautiful people has now become a total music artist.

Impressions makes me think of Herbie Hancock, Sting, Paul McCartney and Quincy Jones. They are all pop artists who also mastered the intricacies of the art of recorded music. While others are contented doing the hits that their public expects from them, they surmounted the limitations of their assigned genres. Think of Jones getting Michael Jackson into Thriller or of Hancock with his Imagine album. What about Sting and his live recordings or of McCartney composing a symphony?

Botti is not yet there. Almost. But he got a lot of great help for his Impressions. Producer is Bobby Columby, drummer of the iconic band Blood, Sweat & Tears. He is fearless and he guided Botti through the paces that will take him from his usual pop and jazz to the edge of world music. Botti certainly proved himself more than just an instrumentalist in this CD. I do not know if it was Botti or Columby’s idea to put this stuff together but they made the music work — to take on Brazilian jazz, Broadway, Michael Jackson soul and Argentine tango. And surprise, these all go well together. Botti’s trumpet links them all and he excels in every cut.


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